ITRDI develops high-quality software applications for mainly for the government but for private and non-profit organizations as well. Also, ITRDI specialized in developing customized web-based applications using state of- the art open source technologies which aim to develop, implement and support commercial software solutions in short test possible time and within the budget. ITRDI has developed the following applications for the Government offices in Western Province.

No Software Development
1 Vehical Permit Issuing System
2 Exam Planner System
3 Animal Survey System
4 Kidney Survey System
5 Exam Management System
6 Employee Details Repository
7 WP Schools
8 File Managment System
9 Document Management System
10 Registry of Degree Holders
11 Mail Management System
12 Request Managment System
13 WPC Web Portfolio
14 Cash Book Maintain and Cheque Issuing System