Exploring the digital world, ITRDI is a creative semi – government organization specializing graphic design and Web development that caters to western province council’s ministries, departments, authorities and institution. We provide beautiful custom-made web sites using latest technologies and our highly talented team develops web sites in three languages, which is a government requirements.

No Website Development List
1 Secretariat of the Governor – Western Province
2 Western Province Provincial Council
3 Secretariat of the Western Province Provincial Council
4 Provincial Public Service Commission – Western Province
5 Chief Secretary’s Office – Western Province
6 Administration Division
7 Finance Branch
8 Planning Division
9 Personal & Training
10 Internal Audit Department
11 Engineering Organization
12 Local Government Department – Western Province
13 Department of Revenue – Western Province
14 Department of Co-operative Development – Western Province
15 Ministry of Education,Cultural and Arts, Sports and Youth Affairs, and Information Technology
16 Ministry of Local Government Economic Promotion, Power & Energy, Environmental Affairs, Water Supply & Drainage & Tourism – Western Province
17 Western Province Aesthetic Resort
18 Department of Ayurveda – Western Province
19 Department of Social Services – Western Province
20 Cultural Resort (Aesthetic Resort)
21 Co-operative Employees Commission
22 Western Province Agro Services Authority
23 Maharagama Urban Council
24 Kasbewa Urban Council
25 Bandaragama Pradeshiyasabha
26 Department of Provincial Land Commissioner’s
27 Institute of Sports and Science
28 Business Name Registration Department
29 Economic Development Bureau
30 Dompe Pradeshiya Saba
31 Provincial Director of Health Services
32 Department of Probation
33  Local Department of Colombo
34 Local Department of Gampaha
35 Local Department of Kaluthara
36 Waste Management Authority.
37 Bulathsinhala Pradeshiyasabaha.
38 Katana Pradeshiyasabaha.
39 Department Of Housing
40 Department of Industries
41 Ministry of Road, Transport, Coparate Development and Trade, Housing & Construction
42 Ministry Of Agriculture
43 Department Of Probation
44 Urban Council Of Jaela
45 Urban Council Of Kaduwela
46 Pradeshiya Sabaha of Attanagalla.
47 Urban Council Of Moratuwa.